Welcome to the baseball and softball association of the High-Tech-Hitters. The High-Tech-Hitters are an association that likes to play ball, but outside of the physical activity we aim for nice activities with each other. Within the association we have multiple options for sports. At the moment we have a men’s team (baseball) that plays competition. We also have a women’s team (softball) that, together with the HSV Giants Hengelo, has been playing competitively since 2010. Furthermore, there is also the option to play recreationally and to play at tournaments. If this is the first time coming into contact with the sport you are also welcome of course! Many new members first play the sport when they become a member and our coaches/trainers enjoy teaching new members how to play. Would you like to try it out? Leave your contact details at contact form, send us an email, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram (buttons below).