Hi! We are the guys of the baseball team of HTH.

For the second year in a row we have our own baseball team. We are training almost every week. There were no breaks that stopped us from training for the upcoming season of baseball. We trained through the whole winter making use of BASE, a batting cage in Enschede and a indoor hall provided by the sports centre of the UT. Even if there was no official training, a part of the team went outside to run on their own. During training. Outside training hours also other particular abilities were trained at the bar in the sports centre 😉 Most of the new guys do not have experience in playing games but at the trainings everything is done to prepare them.

The competition will be held in Regio-Oost. We have 8 competitors and we will play 18 games in total. During the season, a few tournaments are organized in the country. Normally we will participate in a few of those. The tournaments are not just a weekend with baseball and other fun stuff, but also a good team-building opportunity.

A good thing to mention is that we are not just members for the game, but also for “gezelligheid”. Almost every indoor training ends with a small (baseball)talk and a beer. Also the team itself has a few committee members in it that help organize different cool activities for the association.