Board and Committees

Board members

  • Secretary: Aleta
  • Treasurer: Hidde
  • Chairman: Tom
FLTR: Aleta, Tom and Hidde


Why should you join a committee?

Joining a committee is a fun way to get to know other
members through activism. You help out the association a bunch, whilst
having input in what’s going to happen with and in the association.

All this hard work in making the High-Tech-Hitters
flourish must be rewarded too! That’s why the board members (Tom, Aleta and Hidde) have decided to organize a fun activity to do at the end of
the academic year for all the people who’ve joined committees.

The HTH Clothing Committee:

The HTH Clothing committee, or merchandise committee, makes sure merchandise orders are being taken care of. If a HTH member, or non-HTH members places an order on the website, the committee checks if the product is in stock. If not in stock, new products will be ordered to satisfy the order as quickly as we can. Every year the list of products grows.

Stay warm!

Members: Daan van Meurs, Milo, Marleen, Mathijs, Nura, Tina


Website Committee:

The HTH Website Committee makes sure the website is up and running and updated regularly. We use WordPress as a platform to edit and back the website up . Things HTH members or anyone can find on the website are:

        Homepage with a general introduction about the association and the location of the field

        Training times, locations and instructions to become a member are displayed on a sidebar on every page.

        HTH Calendar page that displays all activities of HTH with times and location

        With a button, members can download the calendar to their own

        About page where the baseball team is introduced

        Contact page which allows to send an email to the board via the website

        Merchandise page which displays all the products for sale

        Orders are taken through google forms, which can be accessed by clicking the button.

        Photo Gallery page that displays some classic HTH pictures

       Board and Committees page

Members: Hidde, Mathijs, Matteo, Wouter C. 

PR & Photo Committee:

The HTH Public Relations Committee takes care of the Instagram account of HTH. Regular posts and stories keep the public up to date about the associations. The committee also tries to look for networking opportunities that could be beneficial for the associations. Sponsoring being an example for that. The photo part of the committee takes care of adding pictures to the shared photo drive. This way we have some new pictures that can be used for social media and the players have some pictures of themselves.

Members: Peik, Tet, Hidde, Max, Nura, Wouter C.


Double Swing Committee:

Before COVID-19 times, this committee organized the tournament where HTH was most famous for: Double Swing Tournament! It’s a tournament for base- and softball teams from the Netherlands and sometimes Germany. It takes place in the last weekend of the competitions.

The main responsibility from the Double Swing (DS) committee is to accommodate people (places to sleep), catering, a party place with a theme and last but not least, a playing schedule. An important part of the organization is to send the invites on time, including the arrival time, sleeping accommodations and dietary restrictions.

An essential part of all this is finances. Therefore, this committee has a chairman, secretary and treasurer. In case of more people in the committee, this list can be extended.

To make the tournament even more of a happening, it’s a fun idea to invite the Ouwe Balle Vereniging. Even more so if there is a softball part of the tournament, since it’s their preference.

All in all, the DS committee is responsible for the tournament to run smoothly, but they’ll also delegate other duties to the rest of the members. For example, the building and deconstruction. Without this form of help, the DS can’t accommodate everything.

If everything went well, the winners get a tiny prize, and go home satisfied while reminiscing to a fantastic tournament.

Members: Daan Kas (as advisor), Henrik, Martijn van der Linden, Tom Essers, Diego, Leo, Remy, David, Joep, Ruben, Martijn, Tim Hanna Buijs



The LACH stands for Ludieke Activiteiten Commissie High-Tech-Hitters, which basically means that this committee organizes fun activities and outings for all the members of the association, so that we can all get to know each other out of a baseball setting. The goal is to have a fun activity once a month, and it can be anything. For example, a drink at somebody’s home (possibly with a theme) or even a christmas dinner. The activities can be funded, since there is a budget for, but this needs to be approved by the current treasurer first. It’s important to have a diverse offer of activities so that everybody can enjoy the activities, since HTH is an association meant for everyone!

Members: Andrew, Citra, Tom, Tina, Eline, Joep, Marleen, Aleta.



The Raad van Advies (council of advice) gives the new board of HTH advice when needed. The members of this association are old-boards members who know how to run things by years of being with the association. This association gives advice when the new board is faced with difficult decisions. We also checks in once in a while to look if the new board is doing well. If not, the RvA can jump in to help them.

Members: Henrik, Daan Kas, Tet, Jasper Bos, Wouter C., Peik, Ilan, Citra.



The KasCo is a committee that is responsible for checking if the current treasurer isn’t abusing their power. All the expenses get double-checked to make sure that all the money gained from the members is invested in making HTH flourish. At the end of the year, this committee gives a report on how the treasurer did.

Members: Luc, Jasper (maybe Gijs)


Material/Equipment Committee:

To play baseball, you need equipment. This committee checks if there’s enough material for all the members, such as gloves, balls and bats. If some of the material is damaged, deprecated, it’s the responsibility to get new equipment if possible. It’s done with help of the treasurer, since they’ll be head of finances.

Members: Aleta, Tom, Hidde, Henrik,  Ilan, Jasper Bos, Pascal.

Debtor Committee:

When a member of HTH gets fines, for example by not paying a contribution, it needs to get paid. The Debtor Committee makes sure that the member does pay their fines.

Members: Jasper


OBD (O(ld) B(alls) D(ay) committee):

The Old Balls are an association made up of old HTH members. Every year they collect money and donate this to HTH. In order to thank them for their gracious contribution, the OBD committee organizes a day on the baseball field. Here the new members can hang out with old ones, friendly games are being played, there is lunch and drinks. And of course all ends in a nice dinner plus party until late in the night!

Members: Ilan, Gijs S, Diego, Citra, Aleta.


BACO (The Ba(r)Co(mmittee))

This committee is in charge of the bar shift HTH has to do in the sports canteen. This means they keep in contact with the sports canteen, make a roster for every barshift and do the administrative work that comes with this. They hand in applications for new bardays, try to arrange the days in such a way that it is no hassle for the association and count the hours every member has worked behind the bar.

Members: Phil, Wouter W., Daan Kas, Hidde, Aleta