Welcome to the page of the HTH softball ladies!

The softball team of HTH is a
combination team with the HSV Giants Hengelo since 2010. This means the team
consists of experienced student softball players, experienced civilian softball
players, but also new student softball players and new civilian softball players!
So, it is not necessary to be experienced in softball already. Learning
softball can be a bit difficult in the beginning, but once you got it, the
feeling will always stay with you.

We are a team that plays for
sportsmanship and for “gezelligheid”. We want to win, but the game needs to stay
nice for everyone. Besides playing softball, we also do nice things together. Now
and again we have team trips that can be both softball related or not. With the
team we went a weekend to Texel, but we also did an EscapeRoom in Enschede
together. Additionally, we like to play some tournaments. This can be both in
the Netherlands, but also somewhere else, for example in Paris.

It is not mandatory to play in the competition if you train with us. If you do want to, matches are mostly on Sunday, and everyone is welcome there to take a look. Take a look at the website below for this:

If you want more information about the team, the association or the softball game, please contact us.

On behalf of the ladies,

See you soon!